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Inscription A
1} ** // dam pa tog kar dga’ ldan pho
{2} brang dam pa ru // mi ’phaṃ ’gon la
{3} rgyal tshab dam par dbang skur te //
{4} ’dzam gling nyid du glang chen thal
{5} kar ltar gshegs gang // kra shis
{6} des kyang gnas ’dir bde’ legs
{7} shog //
{8} ** // rgyal po’i khab kyi -rong-ye=
{9} dam =r zas rtsangskras // bud me[
{10} skyon bral g.yo’ sgyu spangs pa
{11} ===dzes yuṃ // lhuṃs su zla b[
{12} blo -ro= ldan pa shag kya’i rig[
{13} kra shis d-s kyang gnas ’dir bde[
legs shog//     * // lum pi ’i
{15} tshal ni d-en zhing nyaṃs dga’ blag
{16} sha’i // ya=ga nas bzung ltam gyu[
{17} tshangs dang rgya byin ’dud // mkha’ la
{18} gshegs te phy-=s bcur -ad ma byung
{19} ==-i====-i=-i==-e======

The excellent one, Śvetaketu, conferred the power to the invincible protector, to the excellent regent, in the excellent Tuṣita palace and came to (this) very Jambudvīpa as an ash-white elephant; and on account of that auspicious one: may bliss and happiness come to this place!

And on account of the son of Śuddhodana (who lived) in the excellent city of Rājagṛha, (on account of) the one who was (already) provided with intellect for ten (lunar) months in the womb of the faultless women who had given up (all) craft and deceit, (that is) the most(?) beautiful mother, (on account of) that auspicious Śākya-progeny: may bliss and happiness come to this place!

(In) the grove of Lumbi(nī), a secluded charming place, (with his mother) holding on to the branch of a plakṣa(-tree), (Buddha Śākyamuni’s) birth came about, Brahma and Indra paid homage. Going (up) to the sky, lotuses appeared in the ten directions(;) ...