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China Exploration & Research Society (CERS) and Kham Aid Foundation

Conservation of Tibetan Monasteries

How can you help?

1. Give money. Kham Aid Foundation is a non-profit corporation in California, so donations are tax deductible in the USA. CERS is a registered non-profit organization in Hong Kong. Send your check to:
China Exploration & Research Society
Southmark B, Suite 2309
11 Yip Hing Street
Wang Chuk Hang
Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2555-7776
Fax: 852 2555-2661
Kham Aid Foundationn
619 South Olive Street, Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 91001

Tel: 1 213 489-7688
Fax: 1 213 489-7686

For more information on how to donate, email to the Project Director at , tel/fax 1 818 398-6714. However, if she is in the field she may not be able to respond immediately. In that case contact one of the two offices above.

Those who donate US$10,000 or more will be invited to join one of our annual expeditions, traveling by car and horse to Baiya and Palpung Monasteries. This is a unique opportunity to see a remote and little-visited part of Tibet, not as a tourist, but as part of an elite conservation team. The trip begins in Chengdu, and takes us through some fascinating parts of Kham. You will have a chance to visit several monasteries on the way, see the sacred Wild Yak Mountain, as well as visit the Dege Printing House. It's not required that you assist with the work, but if you volunteer to do so, you will receive an introduction to the fascinating art of conservation. You will experience the laughter and comeraderie of our international team, learn some of the Khampa dialect, and taste the joys (and sorrows) of Tibetan cookery. The next expedition is planned for October-November of 1997.

2. Help us find sponsors. If you know of any possible funding sources for this work--such as foundations, corporations, government programs, or individuals--please contact , tel/fax 1 818 398-6714.

3. Join a special tour to Dege. This three week trip is planned for September 1997, and will be an annual event. It will include visits to Baiya and Palpung Monasteries, as well as many other noted monasteries such as Dzogchen, Shechen, and the Dege Printing House. A portion of the cost will be donated to the project. The journey will include travel by car and horseback, crossing several high passes and traversing steep, rugged mountains on a route that follows the ancient "tea road" in Tibet. To be put on a mailing list, contact ,  tel/fax 1 626 398-6714

4. Publicize the project. Are you a writer or journalist? If you'd like to write an article about this project for publication in a magazine, newspaper, or newsletter, please feel free to include material from this web site, and contact any of the team members.

5. Link to this site. If you have a home page, then include a link to this one , so as to allow visitors to your site to find out about this worthy project.


Project Overview | Baiya Mural Conservation | Palpung Architecture Project
How You Can Help | Project Personnel | About CERS | About KAF