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Arms & armour from the east

Exhibiting at: Galerie Grillon - 44, rue de Seine
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Warwickshire, England (by appointment)
Tel: +44 (0)7866 424 803

Runjeet Singh specialises in antique arms and armour from the East, and has collected and traded since 1999. He is well established on the global market and many consider him a leading specialist in his field. Runjeet has assisted clients in becoming some of the most important and serious collectors in the field, and supplied to others who are already advanced in their collecting. He has close relationships with not only the most important collectors, but museums and scholars as well. Runjeet has offered advice, consultation and insurance valuations to his customers, many of whom he has been serving for over 18 years.

text & images © Runjeet Singh Limited
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Rosewater Bottle

Tengpai Wicker Shield

Two Bazu-Band

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