CT Scans in Art Work Appraisal

Figure 5

A. Bakongo funerary pottery, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Terracotta, 49 cm.
The windows are partly obstructed by standing figures, which makes it difficult to give a detailed description of what is inside the pot.

B. CT: opaque 3D frontal view.

C. CT: thin frontal section through the four superimposed chambers. The upper chamber is pierced with a hole that opens between the legs of the figure sitting cross-legged on the top of the pot.

D. CT: exploded opaque 3D view of the back half of the pot, showing the content of the four chambers. From the bottom up, the first chamber contains a bed, the second, fragments of figures, the third, figures sitting in a ring, while the fourth is empty.

E. CT: opaque 3D views from above focused on the contents of the third chamber. They reveal the expressions of the four figures, who are sitting facing one another, with their legs apparently hidden under blankets.

Detail: larger photo view