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The Arts of Tibetan Painting
Recent Research on Manuscripts, Murals and Thangkas of Tibet,
the Himalayas and Mongolia (11th -19th century)

Introduction by Amy Heller


Table of Contents:

I. Iconographical Treatise

Kimiaki Tanaka:
The Mañjuśrīmūlakalpa and the Origins of Thangka

II. Western Tibet and Western Himalayas

Eva Allinger and Christiane Kalantari (with an appendix by Gudrun Melzer):
Art, Mobility and Identity in the Western Himalayas: Notes on some rediscovered manuscripts in Western Tibet and Nepal and their artistic context

Petra Müller:
Representing Prajñāpāramitā in Tibet- the Temples of Nako, rKyang bu and Zha lu

Helmut F. Neumann and Heidi A. Neumann:
Wall Paintings of Pang gra phug: Augusto Gansser's Cave

Kurt Tropper:
Inscriptions and Captions of the Buddha-vita in Pang gra phug

III. Central Tibet

Shawo Khacham:
A study on the history and development of the chapel Klu Kha Stod Byams khang ('Phan Yul)

Verena Ziegler:
A preliminary report on the life of Buddha Śākyamuni in the murals of the circumambulatory of the Prajñāpāramitā chapel in Zha lu

Elena Pakhoutova:
A Wonderous Great Accomplishment: a Painting of an Event

Penba Wangdu:
A Study of mKhyen brtse chen mo dge bsnyen rnam rgyal, his mural paintings at Gong dkar chos sde and the mKhyen lugs school of Tibetan painting

Amy Heller:
Fourteen Thangka of the 'Brug pa bKa'  brgyud pa - an 18th century series of thangka linking Tibet and Bhutan in the Zimmerman Family Collection

IV. Eastern Tibet

Karl Debreczeny:
What Constitutes "the Hand of the Master"? Paintings attributed by inscription to Si tu Paṇ chen

V. Mongolia

Elisabeth Haderer:
The Sacred and the Profane - On the representation of the first and second rJe btsun dam pa Khutukhtu in Mongolian Buddhist Art

Karenina Kollmar-Paulenz:
Teaching the Dharma in Pictures: Illustrated Mongolian Books of the Ernst Collection in Switzerland

Cover photo: Śatasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā manuscript, vol. Da N235, folio 304, detail (l.): Māravijaya. Photograph by Maya Klat. (Heller 2009: Fig. 79)