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Siva & Parvati
South India, Tamil Nadu, Vijayanagar period
14th century
Height: 35.5 cm (14 ins)

An important group of Siva and Parvati standing on two separate lotus pedestals set upon one rectangular socle. The two pegs attached at either end would have supported a separately cast aureole. Siva is depicted in an iconic pose (samapada), his primary hands forming abhaya and kataka mudras, his upper hands balance on two fingers a battle axe and a leaping antelope. His hair, arranged in an elaborate jatamukuta, denotes his aspect as an ascetic, however he is also adorned with numerous items of jewellery. His consort Parvati stands beside him in tribhanga, wearing a long dhoti and elaborate jewellery including a conical crown (karandamakuta), her right hand disposed for holding an object (katakamudra), most probably a lotus flower, her left arm held pendant by her side. They both look toward the devotee and do not interact with each other, however the movement in their bodies creates a striking harmony between them.

Provenance: Private American collection, purchased New York, 1985.


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