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  • Jade ( China & Japan ) - Roberte - May 13, 2021 (03:53 AM)
    • Re: Jade - Andy - Jun 08, 2021 (05:38 PM)
    • Re: Jade - Mark Adams - Jun 09, 2021 (11:59 AM)
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Posted By: Roberte Thu, May 13, 2021 IP: 2a01:cb1a:4066:33c2:

Good day
If Somme one could help me please i see one jade on Christie s to 07.10 2014 liao period i have one it s look like ( there is smalls différents what does you think about please?

Thank you

Subject:Re: Jade
Posted By: Andy Tue, Jun 08, 2021

Unless it has very good provenance and you didn't buy it at another auction, or you spend a lot of money with Christie's. It's very unlikely Christie's would take it even if it where genuine.

Subject:Re: Jade
Posted By: Mark Adams Wed, Jun 09, 2021

Hi Robert,
Buying or appraisal of archaic jades is highly complex.
What looks similar to a novice eye may look very different to a dealer in jades.
Provenance is highly sought after with regard to archaic jades. Without said the price plummets.
Perhaps if you like you could provide pictures of both examples.
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