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Subject:help with Chinese glyphs and seals
Posted By: David Fri, Jun 03, 2022 IP:

I. Nagy seems to know all the answers. i'm willing to give I. Nagy a tip for his work on this board for his knowledge. Thus if he post a method to pay, i would.

I always need help on Chinese glyphs and chop seals. Please see attached

Subject:Re: help with Chinese glyphs and seals
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Jun 04, 2022

水亭秋集 禊山寺 遠聞鐘
Water Pavilion Collection, Xishan Temple, Bell heard in the distance
岫雲 - Xiùyún
拟古 - In the style of classics
高岫雲 - Gāo Xiùyún

Unidentifiable artist

飛湍喧豗 - Rushing waters are noisy
In the Mid-Summer of the Year of Metal-Monkey (1980)Yushan, Jianbing
劍冰 - Jianbing - Art-name
Leisure seal,
長樂 - Changle - Endless happiness

Unidentifiable artist,

With regards,
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