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Subject:Imari identificationcards
Posted By: Don Castel Fri, Jun 03, 2022 IP:

This is from a relatives estate. I know nothing about what these are or their value if any.
Says on the cards (50 or 60) they are "Translation of Authenticity" It has little cards with photos of plates vases etc with a history of each.

The date on the back of the cards is 1984 and are Japan origin.
Some are only in Japanese language.

Does anyone know anything about these or have interest in them?

Subject:Re: Imari identificationcards
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jun 05, 2022

Inscription on the box,
Kenka-mon guinomi korekushon
Prefectural flower guinomi* collection
(Sake cups deorated with the symbol flowers of the prefectures)

*Guinomi is a large sake cup

With regards,
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