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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Exhibition Public - Europe & Africa

YANG YONGLIANG: Time Immemorial

Galerie Paris-Beijing
62 Rue de Turbigo,
Paris, France
Nov 04, 2017 To Dec 23, 2017

Detail: Galerie Paris-Beijing is proud to present Time Immemorial, revealing Yang Yongliang’s latest photographs and video installations.

The Shanghai- based artist keeps jostling our collective conscience, questioning our economical, environmental and social issues, by foreseeing the devastating effects of unrestrained urbanization and industrialization in China and abroad.

Inspired by Chinese ancestral culture and the famous Shan Shui*, Yang Yongliang works with digital photography like a painter. The overall view of his work reminds us of a landscape, but a careful analysis will reveal an image made of man-made shapes and the representation of an undoubtedly urban context.

The characteristic trees from the classical Song dynasty paintings become metallic lattice or poles from which are drawn electrical power lines. His inhabitants are cut off from the natural environment and seem to lead a life pairing with a kind of anonymity.

With the new series Time Immemorial (2016), the artist keeps developing a critic approach to reality while searching for a spiritual source in his country’s relentless march between technological progress and annihilation. The contemporary urban imagery in total decay is always present: the mountains covered by giant skyscrapers in ruins will soon be flooded by the rise of the waters, taking more and more over the surface. However Yang Yongliang subtly suggests a possible agreement between tradition and modernity, nature and culture. In this new series, the very materiality of photography as a media is dealt with. Firstly, the original images created digitally are printed in negative on a fine arts paper sheet. Then each image is photographed with a 8×10-inch traditional film camera. Finally the hand-developed film is mounted on a backlit wooden case, according to the artist’s intent to preserve a digital image on a traditional photographic film.

Phone No.: +33 (0) 1 42 74 32 36
Contact Email: [email protected]
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Yang Yongliang, Endless Streams
Yang Yongliang, Endless Streams
4K video
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