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Subject:Help with Yixing Mark on Vase
Posted By: Robert Mon, Sep 11, 2017 IP:

Hoping someone can read the mark on the bottom of this Yixing vase? Maybe the poem or inscription on the back as well?
Thanks so much!!

Subject:Re: Help with Yixing Mark on Vase
Posted By: I. Nagy Fri, Sep 15, 2017

Bottom mark reads,
震復興 Zhen Fuxing
谷〇  Gu〇 〇 = Hole
Other side: 天口 Tian 口(I can not read 口 )
I checked it on Chinese sites without result, can be
from Taiwan or Hong Kong.
The reading of the text in my rough translation
赫赫明后 There was a bright governor
柔嘉惟則 He could display not only tenderness
克長克君 But he could lead, he could rule
牧守三國 He reigned and defended three realms
This is a famous cliff engraving in Gansu prov.
on the surface of a natural cliff.
The text is much longer and was engraved in AD 171 in clerical script style, which is referred
as a model for calligraphers.
With regards,
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