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Subject:Need help identifying a pair of Japanese vases!
Posted By: WhiteDahlia Sun, Sep 24, 2017 IP:


We would like to identify this pair of Japanese vases and maybe get some information on them (See pictures). We know that the vases are over 100 years old but other than that nothing.

Thanks in advance for any responses!!

Subject:Re: Need help identifying a pair of Japanese vases!
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, Sep 25, 2017

The mark spells: Kinkozan 金光山 Asano 浅野 Zo 造 (made by Asano for Kinkozan). Asano is probably the painter / decorator.
I'm still not certain whether this is a genuine Kinkozan mark, since the first character normally is 錦 instead of 金.
The "Made in Japan" was mandatory since 1921 and the Kinkozan factory closed officially in 1927, so the period when this was made might be 1921-1927. But it's still possible someone else continued production with this Kinkozan 金 mark.
I include a picture of the mark from my pair of Kinkozan Asano vases.
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