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Subject:Kambara Night Snow marks
Posted By: Del Fast Thu, Sep 28, 2017 IP:

These are the marks in the margin on a woodblock print Kambara Night Snow. Can anyone identify these marks?

Subject:Re: Kambara Night Snow marks
Posted By: I. Nagy Tue, Oct 03, 2017

On the picture
廣重画  Hiroshige ga Picture of Hiroshige
Seal reads,
竹内   Takeuchi (Magohachi) (was the publisher and printer of the first edition)
On the margin,
極 Kiwame "Censored" (Here used as imitation)
Kyoto Printmaker's Shinagawa Edition, Nagashima

The Kyoto Printmaker's or Kyoto Hanga Institute
was estabilished in 1935 in Saitama Prefecture to reprint Edo period woodblock prints.

With regards,
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