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Subject:Help with Silk Embroidery
Posted By: Rob Sat, Nov 18, 2017 IP: 2600:387:5:80c:0:0:0

Can anyone help with the history or origin of this embroidery panel? It's quite large & silk on silk. Perhaps the characters in the bowl mean something? Thanks!

Subject:The costumes seem c1910s
Posted By: beadiste Sun, Nov 19, 2017

Antonia Finnane, in her book Changing Clothes in China, observes re a young woman's clothing (such as the figure on the right)

Caption for Fig. 4.18:
"The civilized girl of the Republic - dressed in close-fitting high-collared ao, trousers of narrow cut, and large-footed shoes. On the front cover of an early women's magazine, she is depicted running around a tennis court."

As for the older woman on the left -

Fig. 4.19 [a photo of Sun Tatsen's daughters, 1912) "... the extremely high collar which is the true mark of the fashions of this era."

Sun's daughter in law in the photo appears dressed identically to the woman in the embroidery.

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