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Subject:Jade blog
Posted By: adam Wed, Oct 17, 2012 IP:

Would forum users be interested in a JADEblog which listed jades available in most european auction houses with pictures and price estimates?
Have found jade buyers on this forum are consistently overcharged for their jades and I feel that a resource to aid their buying would be helpful to all...
Have found the jade market is still buoyant so its as good a time as any to begin...
Any suggestions or comments that could help it (ideas for rating systems etc) please leave comments
Know it wont make me popular with some jade dealers on this forum!!! As if I was anyway!! :)

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: george vietze Tue, Oct 23, 2012

Adam, a Jade Blog where collectors could get information about buying and selling Jade would be most welcome. Objective information would be most welcome. Unlike the attitude that if is not
"my" (fill in whatever name you like) it is not Jade, must be new, and not very valuable or collectible. Just general information and opinion, factual auction and other prices and a place to purchase advertising to buy or sell Jade.

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: adam Tue, Oct 30, 2012

Yeah, was just gonna provide details of the auction houses, their commisions, estimate prices and what tests they have done to confirm the jade material.
the idea came after speaking to a board member who paid $10,000 for a $1000 (Maximum) piece of jade!!

Watch this space

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: Solihin Wed, Sep 27, 2017

i have 2 jade as seen in my blog, with price $ 40000, you can contact me use whatsapp 087881150682 ( Solihin )

URL Title :

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: Dave Wed, Nov 07, 2012

I applaud the idea Adam especially when this area is very grey to begin with.

Not sure if the major auction houses are cool with forums or blogs using their catalogue pictures and price estimates. Also, you may wish to consider more reliable Chinese auction houses like Beijing Poly or China Guardian. These estimate or transacted numbers tend to be way off prices for private transfers. Maybe 30-50% of auction prices or estimates will be a good gauge.

Healthy skepticism, open-mindedness and hardwork to study historical Chinese Jade Culture should be cultivated first and foremost, instead of diving into antique shops and simply think that paying $200 for something with original price tag of $2000 is a bargain.

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: LEE Fri, Nov 09, 2012

Hi Dave, if you wanted to be a collector of jade one should have started 10 years ago, if you wanted to collect qing jade. The Chinese are obcessive compulsive with white jade that is flawless, without too many crack lines and impurities, typical of what was in fashion during the Qianlong period. Unless you are willing to pay a big sum, you would look at something older and less reflective. Opportunities lies in the Song, Yuan and Ming jade category where pieces had flaws and was of the more celadon and grey shade. The program on CCTV honor of jade part7 explains why. There are several good programs on jade on CCTV website. Such early jade are actually quite rare and several good pieces have emerged in the market recently, from old collections. However one should be weary to avoid the 1930's replica of this category a good eye is required.

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: Dave Sun, Nov 11, 2012

Well Lee, I've had someone who started 20 years ago (for me) and pretty much aware on your guidance. Don't think you have visited my blog on Chinese Jade, but I actually shared materials from CCTV (even those you have mentioned).

Perhaps you can call me an "inheritor" turn wannabe Chinese Jade collector. Sometimes one may wonder what's with this lad and his blog on Chinese Jade? In mandarin, I would say 无风不起浪. Indeed it was probably easier to begin 10 years ago, but this alone should not deter any new collectors if you truly appreciate the Chinese Jade Culture and willing to do homework.

I agree that early jade are rare nowadays, at least in Singapore for that matter. Good pieces do emerge every now and then from private old collections, but apologies if I lack faith in most antique shops. In fact, if you do know of such source, let me know as I am still a buyer with an eagle eye. =)

Not sure if your response is relevant to this topic Lee. May be we can discuss more in private since you seem like you know a thing or two in this area. I tried emailing you personally but invalid email address.

URL Title :They Don\'t Make \'Em Like They Used To

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: LEE Wed, Nov 14, 2012

Hi Dave, I have visited many antique shops in singapore, I have not seen one that sells authentic jade. Most of these dealers will tell you their jade is new or carved in the old style. Some will go to the trouble of taking out a few from the safe to show you, but still they weren't the type of jade you expected. If you go to Beijing Liulichang lane has a few government antique shops they some real pieces, but not cheap expect to pay mr than $10000USD for a reasonable piece. Antixwest has a branch there. If you go to shanghai the government antique shop at Bund st has some genuine pieces. The specialist is very honest and will steer you to the antique pieces. They are not cheap and most are smaller in size. However if you like to get large pieces of antique jade bigger than 4 inches you would have to bid at auctions . They are not a cheap way to collect but generally pieces sold at auctions are 1/3 the price of retail at most European country. If you need any help with jade pieces post them on this forum there are several experience collectors that can help you. pics of Liulichang Beijing, Government antique shop at Liulichang. Government antique shop at Bund st Shanghai.

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: Dave Thu, Nov 15, 2012

Thank you Lee! In fact, mainland Chinese dealers actually bring several good white jade pieces down to Singapore every now and then to try their luck, but asking for exorbitant prices.

I only trust a handful of major Chinese auction houses, which does not include the one widely publicized for their "Han dynasty" chair. As for antique shops in Western countries, a certain degree of skepticism is still necessary and I definitely do not trust them entirely.

Yes I have been posting pieces for educational purposes and improving knowledge in Chinese Jade, but they do not belong to my family's collection. Got to protect the integrity, minimize confusion and avoid supplying ideas to counterfeiters out there. =)

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: LEE Fri, Nov 16, 2012

Hi Dave, if you go to either Shanghai or Beijing make sure you go to both those antique shops they have lots of interesting things, lots of antique porcelain and furniture for sale but the antique jade pieces are only a handful. I wouldn't trust any other dealers as it is too easy to get fakes from the forgers in Hetian or any other material. You know wages are still quite low in China and carving jade to look antique is still done in large scales at factories. If you want to see how good the fakes are go to antique complex at the old bell temple in Beijing. They have 3 stories of shops full of antique looking jade. They will cost you fraction of a real piece but they are made from mainly white russian jade that looks exactly like hetian, only a very train expert can tell. As for western dealers and auctions make sure there is a good provenance otherwise treat it as new. As for jade in singapore jade was only own by the wealthy and the imperial family in China in the past. It is much more precious than ceramics. So some of the jade pieces that we see floating around in the West with old provenance are probably from the imperial collection that was dislocated by war and by the eunuch during the last 2 centuries. However there was some replicas made in the 1900s for the antique jade trade but such are not hard to tell apart y studying the cut marks. The old jade that find it's way to Singapore we brought there by rich tycoons of the 20th century that bought them from overseas or from antique dealers that bought from grave robbers before 1990s. After this period the price of antique jade has become so high that if anything was good it would be sold through auctions or to the rich in China. pics of fake 1930s and latter jade at a antique stall. Very convincing replicas.

Subject:Re: Jade blog
Posted By: george vietze Sat, Mar 16, 2013

This discussion of the difficulty of distinquishing whether an example of antique jade is truly a antique of a copy of an antique is a major dilema to a jade collector who is not
a major expert in this area. True antiques are rare to find and if one does find examples the price is very high. As the price of quality jade material increases such as very high quality
Russian or Qinghai material it is becoming an opportunity for collectors who are not expert in distinquishishing true antiques and copies of antiques to consider purchasing larger pieces of the best of this material as the supply of Khotan
(river) material is being exhausted. Jade dealers are telling me that the quality of the material is around 90% of the value as good material is rising in price because of the cost of labor and mining continues to rise. Most collectors can distinguish good material and the price is a lot more affordable. The time to buy quality antiques was years ago and the price to purchase good quality jade material is now before prices rise even more in the future.
Would you more experienced jade expets comment on this strategy for us less qualified as experts? | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |