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Posted By: palapan kampan
Posted Date: Mar 26, 2007 (04:37 AM)

i am palapan kampan a son of nk.kampan.
the full name of nk. kampan was nikit kampan. he was born in the southern of thailand.
he had never studied art in any school but with his talent he had become a front runner artist of thailand. before he began a professional artist he had ever been a teacher in a private school. he had ever narrated to me that he hoped to become a professional artist so he resigned from that school. he began creating his art works and trying to sell on street.
he told me that on the first year no one bought any of his work. in the second year, he intended to quit but the first picture had been bought by an american soldier ( during in vietnam war ). having known the style of his customers. then he geared to response his customers. at the first decade he painted only water color picture. he change his painting style to oil color and never back to paint water color again.
he work in a Carrier of artist for more than 40 year. he died in 1993 by lung cancer.
the number of his pictures was around 20,000 pieces. almost of them scattered in america, Europe, and some part of Asia. but i,his lovely son had only a few of his picture.
i would like to get the photos of nk.kampan pictures to keep in my memorize. I ever seen some of his picture in a magazine. I miss him so much.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude in advance to any kindly person to send photos of his picture to me.

palapan kampan
([email protected])

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