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1. Modern Suzani Shafirkan Design
Width: 200 cm (80 inch)
Length: 300 cm (120 inch)
Weight: 2.200 kg(s)
Modern Suzani Shafirkan Design

In Central Asia a baby girl's future was assured by the stitching of her dowry by women in the family, which began at her birth.

What does suzani mean?
Suzani, which means needlework in Persian, is the name given to large, embroidered textiles from Central Asia that were used as hangings or bed covers. These textiles were made of several panels of cotton or linen cloth that were embroidered with silk thread. To create the piece, the designs were first drawn on the panels in ink by either a family member or a hired professional. Several women in the family would then embroider different panels, and after the embroidery was complete, the panels would be sewn together to form the finished cloth. It is made of panels, which are complete loom widths, and is embroidered with chain stitch and couching.

What do patterns mean?
The suzanies are rich in flower and vegetative motives, which transmit absolute beauty of the nature - these are pictures of trees, flowering bushes, various flowers: carnations, tulips, peonies, chrysanthemums and others. Their compositions symbolize the blossom of the nature and life on the earth. From old times, flowers as symbols of love and faithfulness so close to spiritual world of women were symbols of procreation as well as fruits - a symbol of fertility.

How it can be used?
Suzanies are perfect gift for amateurs of home decoration, especially those who love oriental style of interior. It can be used either as a wall hanging, bed cover or a table linen, creating a warm atmosphere in each home.

Detail: close-up
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