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A collection of Miniature Masterpieces

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1 A rare Thogchag used by the followers of Gesar of Ling, portrayed on a horse above two early double dorjes. No later than 14th century. [back]

2 Amoghasiddha, one of the five Dhyana Buddhas - or preaching Buddhas. This glowing Thogchag is one of the rarest and most valuable pieces in the collection. 14th century.[back]

3 Vajrapani. An evocative design invoking the sheer power of the deity. Early Buddhist period. [back]

4 Gesar of Ling surrounded by a circle of pearls. 14th century. [back]

5 Early rare Thogchag with a dragon motif. 13th century. [back]

6 A conch shell. One of the eight Tibetan auspicious signs, its sound brings tolerance to a raging man. 14th century. [back]

7 Khyung, also known as the 'king of the birds'. The Khyung is believed to fly higher than any other creature. 14th century. [back]

8 An exquisite example of the Khyung, the ancient eagle deity of Tibet. The Khyung is one of Tibet's seminal symbols with links to clan origins- Mountain deities, warrior deities (dra lha), sky burial, and Buddhist and Bonpo didactic concepts. In Tibetan Buddhism the Khyung became combined with the Indian Garuda. Khyung Thogchags range from the Bronze Age to the late Buddhist era. Early Buddhist period. [back]

9 Plaque adorned by two khyungs. 14th century. [back]

10 Chanadorje (skt. Vajrapani), the bodhisattva of skillful means, is a very popular Buddhist protector deity- 14th century. [back]

11 Khyung. This specimen is desirable for its unusual and adroit artwork. 14th century. [back]

12 Chanadorje, a superbly cast specimen. The execution of this high quality bronze deserves special attention. 14th century. [back]

13 Khyung, A fine example of this motif. Early Buddhist period. [back]

14 A turtle of rare patina and beauty. 14th century. [back]

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