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A collection of Miniature Masterpieces

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1 Khyung with a prominent crown featuring the triple jewels. 14th century. [back]

2 A monkey in attitude of prayer. This may be a manifestation of Chenrezig, the bodhisattva of compassion. 14th century. [back]

3 A superbly cast four-armed Chenrezig the bodhisattva of compassion. 14th century. [back]

4 A rare Khyung. A parasol and vase crown the ring containing the Khyung. The tail of the bird appears to extend below the ring forming the base. Early Buddhist period. [back]

5 A Buddha in the'witness'aspect sewn onto a leather pouch containing sacred verses. Pouches like this are popular in Tibet; the mantras inside are believed to confer protection and good fortune on the wearer. The Thogchag adds significantly to its sanctity and rarity. [back]

6 A four-armed Chenrezig. This well cast plaque portrays the most popular form of this deity. 14th century. [back]

7 A chorten in style suggesting the Early Buddhist period. [back]

8 Palden Lhamo, one of Tibetan Buddhism's most popular and superior protectresses, riding a mule. Early Buddhist period. [back]

9 A superb early Khyung, this squat figure radiates a raw vitality. Note the wriggling serpent it grasps in its mouth. The serpent represents the water spirits and their containment, and therefore control over waterborn diseases. 14th century. [back]

10 A large rare Thogchag which includes two highly stylized dorjes. A more stylized version of plate 1, no. 9. 15th century. [back]

11 Khyung, a well detailed specimen of unusual form. 14th century. . [back]

12 A cluster of chortens above the mantra "Orn mani padme hum". This mantra invokes the boundless compassion of the bodhisattva Chenrezig. This lovely example probably belongs to the Early Buddhist period. [back]

13 Khyung. A beautiful and early variety of Tibet's native eagle deity, worn down with use to an almost abstract form. Early Buddhist period [back]

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