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Subject:chinese bronze censer identification
Posted By: jack Sat, Sep 09, 2017 IP:

i have this chinese bronze censer,
it is marked on one of the legs, and i wanted to know what do you all think about it?, how old is it ?
it is 35 cm in high and 30 cm in width
thank you all

Subject:Re: chinese bronze censer identification
Posted By: I. Nagy Sun, Sep 10, 2017

I think your censer is Japanese.
The reading of the mark,
意宇湖    Ou-ko (Ou Lake) Because of the camber angle the reading of the first character
rather difficult.
The continuation is clear.
西村雲    Nishimura Un
松鑄造 sho Chuzo
i.e. Nishimura Unsho Foundry
On Japanese language Google site I found the name as bronze casting artist (1859-1912) and on a link a pix of very similar censer from him.
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